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BUY ONE, GET TWO FREE-of equal or lesser value...Free U.S. Shipping
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About Us

We are entrepreneurs that were inspired to create a line of bags that encapsulate “casual style.” In addition to offering a product that is eye appealing, as part of our goal, we also developed a truly functional bag. Ultimately, we wanted our customers to own a stylish, hip bag to serve their needs for work, shopping, or just a fun day out.  

Our vision didn’t quite stop here. We took it a step further by creating a product that would have a positive impact. Regina expressed, "I’ve had a love for animals my entire life, and I wanted to produce a product that is 100% vegan.”

As the project evolved, we knew that supporting a worthy animal cause would be a perfect fit to align with everything we were trying to accomplish. After thorough research, Best Friends Animal Society became the perfect choice. Best Friends is a non-profit organization that operates the nation's largest sanctuary for homeless animals and is leading the nationwide movement to bring about a time when there are no homeless pets. "We want to be part of something great, and we hope our customers will want to be also."

Our belief is that every pet deserves a loving home, and we will take an active role in making that happen by donating 5% of every sale to

Let's "Be Kind" together! 

Thanks in advance,

Regina & Nick